Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ Regarding CCcam

Here are general Service FAQs you might have.

Q: What is CCcam?
A: CCcam is one of many ways to share Pay TV Cards. To put it in a simple way, Our servers redundantly distribute series of decrypted codes toward your receiver box and let you open your desired channel.

Q: what are the requirements for running CCcam on my receiver box?
A: There are several things which should be prepared:
– First, you should make sure that your receiver box supports CCcam Sharing. You can either contact the Manufacturing Company or review the Manual.
– Second, you need a fast internet line. Bandwidth is not important but you need the lowest Latency (ping time) possible. The lower Latency your internet has, The better.

Q: Does CCcam get the decrypted codes once and then I can disconnect the internet?
A: Absolutely not, as long as you wish to continue watching your desired channel you must keep your receiver box connected to the internet.

Q: How can I setup CCcam after I received Activation Email?
A: We will send you a line of configuration consisting Server Address, Port Number, Username and Password with which you can setup CCcam on your receiver box.

Q: My receiver is Linux Base and I need to put a .cfg file into it.Will you send it for me?
A: Sure, this file will also be attached to the activation email.

Q: Does CCcam.Store exchange cccam?
A: No we don`t, we only provide the server to end-users.

FAQ Regarding Sales

Q: What kind of payment methods do you accept?
A: Our main Payment Method is Paypal .
Note : If you are interested in another way of payment, contact support for instructions.

Q: What should I do after payment?
A: Just wait for our email , we will send your account on your paypal email .

Q: Can I test before payment?
A: Sure you can as we do believe this is your right. The test is 24 hours long and free. Simply submit your test request from the top menu of our website or click here. Instant cccam test line will be provided on chat

Q: Do you guarantee Money Back?
A: On one condition, Yes. If we – due to low service quality or weak support – fail to satisfy you with our service, we shall return your money. Otherwise, excuses which does not reflect our failure in promised Customer Service will not be accepted. We first investigate your issue and try our best to sort it out, but if the facts show that the issue is from your end there will be no money back. For instance, If one of your lines fails to connect and after we check that line discover that the line is healthy and works without issues. Our sales department is in charge of this procedure.

Q: Can I receive discount? How?
A:Yes, you can. If you purchase 5 or more accounts at once. For more info contact Sales Team.

Q: Do you have free cccam account?
A: We are a cccam pay server, so the cccam service we provide is paid; but our 24 hours test server is free.

Q: I am interested in being your re-seller. What needs to be done?
A: It`s simple, you need to purchase 5 or more accounts at the same time to benefit from re-sellers discount.
Note: We can activate all accounts at the time of purchase or on your desired date and time separately.

Q: If I want to purchase 5 accounts, can they be as 2x 3months and 2x 6months and 1x 12months?
A: No, at least 5 of the accounts most be in the same monthly period. For example you can purchase 5x 12months/p>

Q: How long does activation take after I send money?
A: It can take from 5 minutes to maximum of 24hours, depending on how busy we are.
Note: If you are in a hurry, you can ask sales team for a temporary account.

If your question has not been answered yet, do not hesitate to contact our sales department.